Leadskaart is a digital marketing agency in New Delhi. We provide PPC, content marketing, SEO and social media marketing services to help businesses grow website visitors, generate qualified leads and nurture them, grow social media followers and boost brand affinity and credibility.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Highly targeted pay per click campaigns on Google Adwords and Bing Ads to generate marketing and sales qualified leads. We have years of experience in managing search, display, remarketing and shopping campaigns to achieve higher ROI. We do this by setting up campaign smartly, constant monitoring and making data-backed changes.

Search Engine Optimization

Content focused SEO campaigns which help businesses gain more credibility against competitors, build a steady flow of organic traffic, and generate organic leads through search engines. Our team of experts create a custom SEO strategy based on the factors like keyword search volume and competition, scope of ranking on keywords, website design and UI changes, etc.

Content Marketing

Enriching and engaging content marketing campaigns to boost brand affinity and credibility. We design a custom content strategy for every business by understanding content trends, creating buyer personas using audience demographics, etc. Based on the strategy, we create useful content and market it using multiple advanced techniques.

Social Media Marketing

Organic as well as paid campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to amplify content reach, connect with the audience directly, get loved by your audience and grow brand followers. We lend support for a slew of things; from profile and company page optimization to posting and managing daily activity to running ads and sponsored campaigns, all of which improve personal and company brand image.



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