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Benefits of Content Marketing

content marketing
ppc advertising Backbone of successful SEO
ppc advertising Strong customer-brand bond
ppc advertising Higher brand affinity
ppc advertising Loyal audience and community
ppc advertising Continuous lead generation
ppc advertising Better lead nurturing
ppc advertising Shorter buying cycle
ppc advertising Increased followers

content marketing

Content Transforms a Brand Into a Leader

Content is at the core of any digital marketing campaign. Avinash Kaushik of Google described content as something that adds value to the reader’s life. It is also the only leveraging force to engage the audience throughout the buyer’s journey. By creating helpful and relevant content for its audience, a brand can emerge as a leader in the industry. Competition is getting fierce in every industry as more and more businesses (both B2B and B2C) are adopting content marketing to reach out to their audience. Simply because they know that their audience is hanging out online and consuming various forms of content. Not harnessing the potential of content marketing is losing out on potential business opportunities.

Content can take multiple forms. The most common forms are blog posts, e-book guides, analytical reports, infographics, white papers, cheatsheets, landing pages, etc. We create all these forms of content. Scroll below to see the content marketing solutions we offer.

What We Do

Content Creation

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced writers who create remarkable content for different stages in the buying cycle. The content we create not only persuade visitors to take certain actions but also educate them and enrich them. We are proficient in writing and designing remarkable blog posts, ebooks, reports, infographics and marketing images, presentations, white papers and press releases. We also design conversion optimized responsive landing pages. The landing pages we design look beautiful and achieve higher conversion rates.

Content Marketing

Every piece of content goes wasted if it is not marketed well. We go out of our way to market and promote the content we create. We have years of experience in running organic as well as paid content marketing campaigns. Organically, we promote content through social media, email, reaching out to influencers, writing blog posts for popular industry blogs (also known as guest posting) and search engine optimization (SEO). For the paid promotions, we run ads on channels like Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

How We Do It

Research & Planning

We start with creating buyer personas. Then we do extensive research to finalize the format(s) of content we will be creating. We also finalize the channels we will be utilizing to market the content and reach the audience. Once all of this is completed, we create a monthly content calendar listing details like content topics, target buyer persona(s), keywords, CTAs associated with the content, etc.

Writing and Designing

We create content as per the content calendar and other details finalized in the research phase. The content can either be written (blog posts, ebooks, etc.) or designed (infographics, images, presentations, landing pages, etc.), or both.


We implement relevant call-to-actions finalized in the research and planning phase. The CTAs can be text, image, button, form, sticky bar, scroll down CTA, homepage takeover, etc.

Organic Marketing

We market the content through multiple channels. Some common ways to do so are social media promotions, targeted email marketing, adding long-tail keywords (having considerable number of search volume and low competition) in the content, reaching out to key influencers to share the content, reaching out to people who have shared similar content and reaching out to people who have linked to similar content

Paid Marketing

Organic marketing and promotion usually takes longer time to get desired results. And if the results are required fast, then we promote the content through ads on Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn and some other advertising networks. The best part of paid marketing is we can define the exact audience we want to target and measure results with high level of accuracy.


We measure the metrics like number of views, bounce rates, number of leads, CTA clicks, CTA conversions, CTA positions, etc. to see what type of content is working. We also pay attention to the marketing channels i.e. which channel is attracting a bigger and relevant audience, etc. With this data, we make necessary tweaks to further refine the strategy. By continually experimenting, we identify the best performing content and channel and make more efforts in those verticals.

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