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Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing Cannot Be Overlooked?

Social media marketing helps brands to connect with the audience directly. When you interact with customers one-on-one, it indicates that they’re important to you, thus cultivating a long-term relationship. Social media marketing is also a form of word-of-mouth marketing. A recent study suggests that 71% of the customers who’ve had a great experience with a brand on their social media pages are most likely to recommend the brand to others.

Social media marketing also gives businesses an insight into the user types and preferences including factors like their background, interests, what type of content they read and share, etc. In addition to this, you can also monitor their opinions regarding your brand. Creating engaging content based on this data will earn you a greater number of shares, making your content viral, and conclusively driving more visitors to your website who can be converted into leads and customers.

Having an efficient audience and customer delight is only half-effective without social media. Your customers spend a huge chunk of their time on social media platforms and if you’re not actively present there, you’re missing out. Scroll below to see what we can help you with social media.

What We Do

Facebook Marketing

We run organic as well as paid campaigns (ads) on Facebook for various objectives. We are highly efficient in Facebook page creation, writing updates, designing interesting visuals, writing and designing compelling ads, and running highly targeted advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn Marketing

We have worked on various LinkedIn marketing projects and we can help you with optimizing LinkedIn profile, designing LinkedIn company page, weekly social media updates, writing content for LinkedIn Pulse, and running targeted sponsored updates campaigns.

How We Do It

Define Target Audience

We help you define your audience by asking relevant questions such as “who do you want to reach?”, “where do they spend their time online?”, “what do they enjoy?”, “what type of content do they love to consume”, etc.

Once your target audience is defined, we help you set reasonable and measurable goals.

Social Media Calendar

We create a weekly and monthly calendar which helps us to plan and schedule the updates in advance. The calendar also helps to track what’s working and what’s not working.

Social Media Posting

Following the content calendar, we post social media updates to get the maximum possible engagement. We follow certain best practices and advanced methods while posting the updates for example multiple variants of one single update, test different words, different images, etc.

Social Media Advertising

Reach through organic promotion is limited and also takes a lot of time to get results. Therefore, we run highly targeted paid campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to reach targeted and most relevant audience. The campaigns can have these objectives: brand building and recognition, lead generation, website traffic, etc.


We analyse what we do closely to identify what type of updates are working better, what is not working as good, which audience is getting more engaged, etc. We take this data and make necessary changes in the campaigns to better the overall performance.

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