Pay Per Click Advertising – DON’T USE!!

Benefits of PPC Advertising

pay per click
ppc advertising Multiple targeting options
ppc advertising Pay only when you get a click
ppc advertising Explore profitable markets
ppc advertising Measure almost everything
ppc advertising Much faster results than SEO
ppc advertising Control your messaging
ppc advertising Control your spend
ppc advertising Scale your business effectively

pay per click

Acquire Those Leads Before Your Competitors Do

With the increasing competition, businesses are going out of their way to acquire more leads and close more sales to become more profitable. Chances are that some of your competitors might actually be utilizing pay per click advertising. Pay per click (PPC) advertising on Google enables businesses to attract targeted traffic and convert them into profitable leads (utilizing the power of conversion optimized landing pages) in a robust way.

Google Adwords offers 5 types of PPC campaigns:

  1. Search campaigns
  2. Display campaigns
  3. Remarketing campaigns (a part of Display campaigns)
  4. Shopping campaigns
  5. Video campaigns

PPC requires a lot of expertise to handle multiple keywords, bids, ads, extensions, landing pages, audiences, etc. On top of that, analyzing campaign data takes a good amount of time and is not something everyone can do efficiently and smartly. That’s where we help businesses. We have worked on many large and complicated pay per click campaigns and have scaled them to attain maximum ROI.

Whether you are planning to start with PPC or already have some campaigns set up, we can help you at every stage. With our data backed research and analysis, we can structure campaigns and design landing pages to get you the best results. Scroll below to see what we do and how we do it.

What We Do

PPC Audit

We go through PPC campaigns, find problem areas, and design strategies for improvements.

Keyword and Competitive Research

We perform extensive keyword and competitive research to discover the best keywords. The research also helps to write ads, create landing pages, finding opportunities which competitors are not utilizing.

Campaign Setup

We create campaigns and ad groups with the best possible setup and structure to get the best results.

Design Landing Pages

We design conversion optimized, responsive landing pages to convert visitors into qualified leads.

Conversion Tracking

We set up both form and call conversion tracking which helps in measuring the impact of ads. We also integrate tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, etc. with landing pages

Conversion Optimization

We run multiple split tests (between ads, landing page content and CTAs) to improve conversion rates.

Cost Optimization

We continuously work to reduce costs like cost per click, cost per conversion, etc. while increasing clicks and conversions.

Improve Quality Score

We work religiously towards improving the Quality Score using highly advanced methods.

Bid Optimization

We take a strategic approach towards bid optimization to achieve reduced cost per click yet higher click through rates.

Find New Keyword Opportunities

We regularly find new keywords to target in the campaigns to broaden the reach and get more conversions.

Ad Optimization

We write and design compelling ads and split test multiple copies to improve click through rates.

Budget Optimization

We make the most of the PPC budget by allocating a larger budget to what is working opposed to what is not working.

Lead Quality Analysis

We deeply analyze the leads and make necessary changes keywords, ads and landing pages to continuously better the quality of leads.

Fix Issues

We also work towards fixing issues like high CPA, low CTR, disapproved ads, lost impression share, etc.

Search Campaigns

We run highly targeted and profitable search campaigns to bring potential visitors and generate qualified leads.

Remarketing Campaigns

We run highly engaging remarketing campaigns on based on how users are interacting with the website. Remarketing campaigns include creating audiences and offers relevant to those audiences.

Display Campaigns

We run display campaigns using multiple ad formats (banner ads, responsive ads) on Google Display Network (GDN). Millions of websites and apps come under GDN. Display campaigns are primarily run for brand promotions.

Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns are great for ecommerce websites. We run highly profitable shopping campaigns using product feeds. Since Shopping ads are separate from Search and Display ads, they offer completely different sales vertical.

How We Do It

Research & Planning

We conduct extensive keyword as well as competitive research. If the campaigns are already running, we perform an audit of all the campaigns and make a plan for improvement. If there are no campaigns, we design a strategy keeping in mind all the details like budget, offers, keywords, types of campaigns we will be running, ad schedule, geo-targeting, device targeting, etc.

Landing Pages

We design conversion optimized landing pages which are responsive as well. We pay special attention to the content, design, CTAs, offers and form fields on the landing pages to generate sales and marketing qualified leads. One of our primary objectives is to improve the Quality Score as landing pages is one of the most important factors of Quality Score.

Ads and Extensions

We spend a lot of time researching the language your audience speaks and the words they use while searching on Google.

Based on this research and the keywords we found in research and planning phase, we come up with highly compelling ads (both text and images) and ad extensions which aid strongly in better click through rates and hence, higher Quality Score.

Advanced Keyword Bidding

We add keywords and set their bids in a way which is bound to get you the best possible click through rate, lower cost per click and higher Quality Score.

Removing Unnecessary Spend

It’s easy to bleed money with PPC if it is left to run on auto-pilot mode. We make sure that it doesn’t happen by adding negative keywords and removing irrelevant placement websites (in case of display campaigns), hence removing irrelevant clicks and stopping the wastage of money.

Continuous Optimization

We spend a lot of time analyzing the campaigns especially in the starting months as that is when a lot of efforts are needed to get things started. Once the campaigns speed up, we regularly spend time adjusting bids, ads, landing pages, keywords, extensions, etc. In addition to this, we also find new keywords and other new opportunities.

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