PPC Management Services to Improve Your Google Ads ROI

Reduce your Google Ads CPA and wasted spend.
Profitably scale your PPC campaigns.
Grow your sales and revenue with PPC.
Stay ahead of your competition.

Are you facing the below challenges?

No visibility and ownership of your Google Ads account.

Whether your agency is spending your money in the right direction or not?

Confusing reports that your agency shows you every month.

Continuously growing CPA (cost per acquisition) and dropping lead quality.

Don’t have time to optimize your campaigns regularly.

Not sure about the best way to scale your campaigns.

See how our PPC advertising services can help you address these challenges so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our Approach to PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is great to get relevant website visitors and generate leads quickly. In fact, you can start seeing results after a few hours of launching your ads on Google.

But when it comes to generating a positive ROI from Google Ads in the long run, it is important to monitor and optimize your campaigns on a regular basis.

In fact, after launch, if the campaigns are left to run on auto-pilot, things can go awry much faster than expected.

One important fact is that it is not enough to follow the PPC best practices. Following the best practices does help in putting the best foot forward, but optimizing PPC campaigns requires a lot of analysis.

What’s more? PPC advertising has always been changing as Google keeps adding/updating new features, targeting options, campaign types, ad types, keyword matching algorithms, etc. To keep up with these changes and to get the most out of your Google Ads investment, you need expert help.

We have more than 8 years of experience in successfully handling PPC campaigns for both B2B and B2C companies. As a result, we have developed a deep understanding of Google Ads and have refined our PPC advertising services that are bound to get you results and achieve your sales and revenue goals.

We also keep ourselves updated on all the new features launched by Google Ads so when something gets changed/updated, you are not left behind.

Scroll below to see what’s covered in our PPC management services and our process to manage your PPC account.

Our PPC Management Services Include

  1. Unlimited keywords
  2. Unlimited search campaigns
  3. Unlimited smart campaigns
  4. Unlimited ads
  5. Unlimited A/B tests (in ads and landing pages)
  6. Unlimited remarketing campaigns
  7. Keyword research
  8. Competitive research
  9. Campaign set up
  10. Campaign structuring and restructuring
  11. Expanded text ads and responsive search ads
  12. Display campaigns
  13. Ad copywriting
  14. Responsive display ads
  15. Conversion tracking set up
  16. Call tracking set up
  17. Quality score optimization
  18. Ad extensions
  19. Audience set up
  20. Landing page creation
  21. Landing page copywriting
  22. Instant lead notifications
  23. Lead quality analysis
  24. Keyword bid management
  25. Ad optimization
  26. New keyword opportunities
  27. Day parting (ad scheduling)
  28. Geo-targeting
  29. Bid adjustments (device, time, location, audience)
  30. Weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly reporting

The Process of Our PPC Advertising Services

1. PPC audit

We start the process of PPC management by doing an audit of your Google Ads account. The audit uncovers problem and improvement areas in your account. And since the audit is performed by our PPC expert, we also provide customized recommendations and solutions to improve the performance of your account. Request a PPC audit.

2. Strategy

We arrange a strategy call with the client to discuss the solutions provided in the PPC audit. Based on this discussion, we come up with a detailed strategy on what exactly our approach will be. The strategy includes a detailed action plan for account and campaign set up, campaign restructuring, landing page creation and optimization, offers that we will be running, keywords and ads strategy, conversion tracking, audiences, etc.

3. Keyword and competitive research

We do a comprehensive keyword research to find the keywords that we will be using. We also perform a competitive research wherein we analyze your main competitors to find their keywords and landing pages and how we can do something better (that they are not doing).

4. Landing Page Creation

We create new landing pages if we find that the current landing pages are not optimized for conversions. We also set up conversion tracking throughout your website so that every important conversion can be tracked in Google Ads and campaigns can be optimized for conversions in future.

5. Campaign/ad group structure

Once we have finalized the keywords and landing pages, we decide on what campaign and ad group structure will be best for your ads. We may take a SKAG approach, or create smaller ad groups with close related keywords.

6. Ads and extensions

After finalizing keywords, landing pages, and campaign structure, it’s time write ads and extensions. We come up with compelling, highly relevant, and research-based ads that are bound to get better ad positions, improve click through rates and finally, improve Quality Score. We also write ad extensions like sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets. In addition to these extensions, we also set up location extension, call extension, image extension, etc. 

7. Campaign set up and restructuring

So we have keywords, landing pages, ads, ad group structure ready. Now it’s time to set up all of them in campaigns with appropriate settings like bidding strategy, ad scheduling, location, devices, audiences, bid adjustments (if necessary), etc. We also integrate Google Analytics account at this point so that we can get users’ behavior data in both Google Analytics and Google Ads.

8. Regular monitoring and optimization

The most important parts of our PPC advertising services are monitoring and optimization of campaigns. We regularly monitor the campaigns and make necessary optimizations to improve their performance. Optimizations include keyword bid management, ad optimization, going through search terms to add negatives, and much more.

9. Reporting

What gets tracked, gets improved and gets better. We create performance reports every month to get a detailed picture on what’s working and what’s not working so that we can make necessary optimizations. If you want a weekly or bi-weekly report, we are open to that as well.

10. Improvement

Based on monthly reports and analysis, we make optimizations in campaigns so that their performance can be improved further.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a contract?

Yes, we do a 3 month contract. Why? Because 3 months is what it takes to start understanding what’s working and not working in the campaigns so that we can make optimizations and improvements based on the performance. After 3 months, we can work on a monthly basis.

2. Is landing page really necessary?

Yes! It’s very important.

If your current landing page is good enough, we won’t design a new one and will continue using it. If it requires some small changes, we will either make them ourselves or will let you know. But if we think that your current landing page is not going to work, we will create a new one.

Also, landing page design is included in our set up cost.

3. What about cost?

For the first month, we charge a one-time set up cost. From the 2nd month onward, we charge a monthly management cost.

We take payments in advance.

4. Is there a limit to the number of campaigns, keywords, or ads?

If your advertising budget is between INR 10000 to INR 50000, we run 10-15 keywords in 1 campaign. Our set up and management fee in this case is also lower than our standard fees.

However, if your budget is more than INR 50000, there’s no limit to the number of keywords, campaigns and ads.

Also, if your requirements and goals change to something that falls out of our scope of work, then we will revisit the charges.

5. When can I see my ads after paying you?

The set up process can take 7 to 20 days depending on the amount of work required. As soon as the set up gets completed and Google approves your ads, you can see your ads in Google.

6. Can I see my campaigns?

Of course! You will have complete ownership of your account and campaigns. You will have complete visibility into which keywords, ads, extensions, landing page, etc. are running. You will also have complete visibility into how much money is getting spent and where it is getting spent.

7. What’s there in the reports?

In simple words, metrics that align with your business goals. The success of your campaigns is defined by number and quality of your leads and orders, and not by number of impressions and clicks. So our reports show you the metrics that matter to your business.

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