Professional SEO Services to Grow Your Organic Traffic

Improve search rankings of your most important keywords.
Build authority of your website with high quality blog posts.
Keep both search engines as well as your audience happy.
Convert website visitors into leads.

Are you facing the below challenges?

Nobody knows you, your company, and your services exist.

Your website either gets no traffic or gets very less traffic.

Your website is not ranking anywhere on the first few pages of Google.

You know SEO is useful but don’t know how to get started.

You don’t have time and team to handle your SEO yourself.

You are running Google Ads but want to have a long-term SEO strategy.

You want to generate leads from your website.

You want to emerge as a leader in your industry.

See how our professional SEO services can help you address these challenges so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most important and fundamental digital marketing tactics. It is also one of the most sustainable forms of digital marketing.

Which means once your website starts ranking in the top positions, it get a continuous flow of traffic for a long period of time (usually several years).

However, what’s important to understand is that SEO is an ongoing, long term process. It is not something that can bring an overnight boost in your website traffic. In fact, it takes a few months to a year (based on how competitive your industry is) to get good results (improved rankings and traffic growth) from SEO.

There are 2 parts of SEO – on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO is performed on your website, while off page SEO is performed outside your website.

On page SEO involves optimization of page titles, meta-descriptions, images, headings, URL structures, and content with target keywords. It also includes interlinking of different website pages. On page SEO also involves creating website content in the form of additional service pages, pillar content, topic clusters, blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, etc.

On the other hand, off page SEO involves creating hyperlinked and non-hyperlinked references of your business on the internet. Common practices for off page SEO are guest blogging, press release distribution, sharing content on social media, etc.

As you can see, there are multiple aspects of SEO to take care of. And if you don’t have time and in-house resources to handle your SEO yourself, it is always advisable to outsource it to an SEO company.

We have more than 8 years of experience in handling SEO for many B2B and B2C businesses. We thoroughly understand the ever changing landscape of Google’s search and keep ourselves updated on all the SEO updates launched by Google.

Hence, from following the SEO best practices to implementing advanced SEO techniques (like topic clustering, pillar content, etc.), we go out of our way to grow your website traffic, generate leads, and improve your search rankings with our professional SEO services.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Unlimited keywords
  3. Competitive research
  4. Keyword mapping
  5. Page title optimization
  6. Meta-description optimization
  7. Image optimization
  8. URL structure optimization
  9. Headings optimization
  10. Content optimization
  11. Internal linking
  12. New page creation
  13. Content creation (blog, ebook and whitepaper)
  14. Long tail keywords (for blog posts)
  15. Blog topic creation
  16. Highly-researched blog posts
  17. Landing page creation
  18. Landing page copywriting
  19. Google My Business Listing optimization
  20. Submission to local business directories
  21. Google Analytics account set up including goals
  22. Google Search Console account set up
  23. Updating old, good performing blog posts
  24. Monthly and quarterly reporting

Additional services (charged extra):

  1. Conversion rate optimization
  2. Lead generation popups
  3. UI and UX optimization
  4. Link building
  5. Guest blogging
  6. Topic cluster
  7. Pillar content

The Process of Our Professional SEO Services

1. SEO audit

We start off by doing an SEO audit of your website. The audit uncovers the current state of your website’s SEO – for example whether keywords are present on the website or not, if keywords are present; then whether they are relevant or not, how fast does the website load, has internal linking been done or not, how many outbound links are there, and multiple other checks.

The audit is performed by our SEO expert and not just by any tool. Hence, the recommendations and solutions are customized according to your website. Request a SEO audit.

2. Strategy

We arrange a strategy call with the client to discuss the solutions provided in the SEO audit. Based on this discussion, we come up with a detailed strategy on what exactly our approach will be. The strategy includes a detailed action plan for on page optimization, additional pages, content optimization, local SEO, blog topics, blog writing, etc.

3. Keyword and competitive research

We do a comprehensive keyword research to find the keywords we will be using for on page SEO and blog posts. We also perform a competitive research wherein we analyze your main competitors to find their keywords and gaps in their SEO strategy so that we can implement it on the client’s website.

4. On Page Optimization

Once keywords are finalized, we do keyword mapping (which keyword should be targeted on which page) and start with on page search engine optimization to optimize titles, meta-descriptions, headings, URLs, images, and content on your website with keywords. We also do internal linking of different web pages as part of on page SEO.

5. New pages

If we find that there are no pages for certain services of a client, and those services have keywords with enough monthly search volume, we create new pages for them.

6. Setting up a Google Analytics and Search Console accounts

Once on-page SEO is completed, we set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts for the website. These platforms help in tracking which keywords are bringing traffic to the website, average positions of a website for different keywords, the sources of website traffic and a lot more.

7. Local SEO

We create and optimize Google My Business listing and also submit our clients’ business details to local business directories.

8. Blog topic creation and blog writing

With local SEO, the one-time on-page SEO gets completed. Then we get started with monthly blog writing services and come up with engaging blog topics after thorough research. Every blog topic has a relevant keyword (usually a long tail keyword) so that it can be ranked easily in search results.

Once blog topics are ready, we start our research, get inputs from the client if required, and write blog posts for each topic. All our blog posts are written by professional copywriters who not only have great writing skills but also have SEO skills. And that increases the chances of getting blog posts ranked on the first page of Google.

9. Reporting, improvement and content updation

We create monthly performance reports showing keyword rankings, traffic from different sources (organic, direct, social, etc.), which pages are performing well, which blog posts are performing well, etc.

We don’t create reports just for the sake of reporting. Instead, we analyze them and come up with improvement plans for what’s not working.

Content updation is an important part of our search engine optimization services. We maintain a record of all the blog posts we publish for our clients and revisit every blog post (every 2-3 months) to find whether the content needs any improvement/updation or not. This really helps in keeping the content fresh (Google loves fresh content).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a contract?

For one-time on page SEO, there’s no contract but only a one-time fee. However, we highly recommend our content writing services along with on page SEO.

If you go with on page SEO + content writing, we do a 4 month contract. Why? Because 4 months is a good time to create 10-15 blog posts and high quality, well-researched blog posts have more chances of ranking higher in search results. Also, the more quality content your website has, the more it impacts overall rankings of your website.

2. Do you guarantee top rankings in Google?

No! Even Neil Patel cannot guarantee top rankings. It’s because Google keeps changing its ranking algorithms and keeps changing the actual rank of a website on a particular keyword based on multiple factors.

However, our professional SEO services include the optimization techniques that will definitely improve your rankings and grow traffic in the long run.

3. When can I expect traffic growth and rankings?

It usually takes 3-6 months to see growth in traffic and ranking improvements. However, if you are in a highly competitive industry, it may even take a year to see results.

IMP: Blog posts can really expedite the process and bring faster results. That’s why we recommend blog writing along with one-time on page SEO.

4. What about cost?

The cost depends on how much work is needed on your website. Get a free SEO audit of your website to get the exact cost.

We take 100% payment in advance.

5. Will I have to be involved in the process?

Yes, we will need your approval on keywords and content.

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