Search Engine Optimization – DON’T USE!!

Benefits of SEO

search engine optimization
ppc advertising Trusted and credible brand
ppc advertising Steady flow of organic traffic
ppc advertising High quality back links
ppc advertising Better search engine rankings
ppc advertising Long lasting results
ppc advertising Improved conversion rates
ppc advertising Reduced advertising cost
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search engine optimization

Why is SEO a Key Pillar of Any Online Strategy?

Although the last few years have seen a dramatic change in how search engine optimization is done, it remains a crucial pillar of any digital marketing strategy. Google gets over 100 billion monthly searches. That’s a big enough reason that your website needs a good SEO strategy. 

No matter how old a tactic search engine optimization makes, it always pays to have a solid SEO strategy in place for your brand. Once your website (pages, blog posts, etc.) starts getting indexed at higher positions in search engines, your website experience a steady flow of traffic every month. The next step is to convert that traffic into profitable leads. That’s where helpful content, good design and user experience play an important role. Speaking of design and user experience, we work with development and design teams to improve website load speed and overall design and structure to yield a great user experience.

What We Do

Competitor Analysis

We thoroughly analyze websites and backlinks of your competitors. The primary motive of this exercise is to find what they are doing and not doing in terms of SEO so that we can come up with a custom strategy for your website.

Find Relevant Keywords

Based on the competitors’ analysis and our own research, we come up with an extensive list of keywords to target on the website.

On-Page Optimization

We optimize important elements like title, meta description, heading tags and image alt tags for target keywords.

Content Optimization

We go through the current content on your website and optimize it for the keywords or rewrite it completely (targeting the keywords). For new pages, we come up with completely new content targeting the keywords.

Website Optimization

We optimize certain highly important elements of your website like URL structures, website load time, website UI and UX, design and CTAs, etc. Some other areas we pay attention to are accessibility, broken links, URL redirections, sitemap and robots.txt file.

Local SEO

We optimize your website to rank for local searches on search engines by listing your business in high quality business directories, Google My Business, etc.

Build Backlinks

We build quality backlinks to your website by creating high quality content in the form of blog posts, ebooks, infographics, etc..

Content Marketing

Content is the heart of any SEO strategy. We create highly engaging content and market it on various channels like social media, email, etc. See our content marketing page.

How We Do It

Research & Planning

Before designing your SEO strategy, we perform extensive keyword and competitive research using different tools. Our research mainly includes the keywords used (and not used) by your competitors and from where they are getting backlinks on what pages (blog posts, service pages, etc.). Furthermore, we individually analyse each of your pages to find problem areas, which pages need entirely new content, how many new pages are required, etc. Finally, we look for any structural problems which must be addressed.

On-page Optimization

Once keywords are finalized, we optimize titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags and headings for the keywords. We also take care of other elements like URL structures, broken links, redirections, etc. We follow all the best and proven practices of on-page SEO to create a highly engaging and search engine friendly website.

Content Optimization

We optimize content for all the pages to include the keywords finalized in research and planning phase. Although it is more about how engaging and helpful the content is, inserting keywords do play an important role in search engine crawling and indexing.

Website Speed and Usability

Website load speed and user experience are considered by Google while ranking a website. We optimize websites to load fast, and work with development teams to decrease website friction as much as possible by making necessary changes in the design. We also add relevant CTAs on the pages to improve user experience.

Building Backlinks

Building backlinks is still very important to get high search engine rankings. However, it is not possible without content. We run highly enriching and personalized content marketing campaigns which help businesses boost brand affinity and build credibility. One of our core focus while creating the content is targeting long-tail keywords in the content which have low competition so that your website can get ranked higher in search results hence improving your overall SEO.


We analyse what we do closely to find problems and opportunities and work towards bettering of overall SEO campaigns. We do this by maintaining a record of what we are doing and what results we are getting from particular activities, and hence making necessary tweaks in the strategy in order to improve continually.

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