4 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Adwords for B2B PPC

“Search is the B2B buyer’s #1 resource for research; 90% of B2B researchers who are online use search specifically to research business purchases.”

“Nearly half of all B2B researchers are millennials.”

“71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search.”

“B2B researchers do 12 searches on average prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site.”

Above are some of the statistics from Google for the B2B industry.

From the stats, it is evident that many B2B professionals use Google to start their research and purchase process. This indicates big opportunities for B2B businesses to start using Google Adwords to reach their potential audiences.

While there are many ways that B2B businesses can generate leads online like email marketing, content marketing, LinkedIn(social media) marketing, etc.; Google Adwords is not behind to offer some valuable options and benefits for B2B businesses which I am going to explain in this blog post.

Why B2B Businesses Should Be Using Google Adwords

Reason #1: Multiple Targeting Options with Search and Display Networks

Google Adwords has some really cool targeting options in its arsenal which B2B businesses can utilize. It offers 2 networks to target your audience: Search Network and Display Network.

Search Network

Google Search Network consists of Google’s search engine (www.google.com), Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Play and other search partner sites of Google.

People can see your ads on the search network when they search for something (on mobile or desktop) that you offer. The search query is called a keyword.

For example, if someone searches for a print media company (‘print media company’ is the keyword) on Google, you can show your ad to that person through a search campaign. Since it’s the user who had shown interest in what you offer, it will be a relevant visitor.

Hence, search campaigns are great to attract relevant website visitors and convert them into leads. If you are trying Adwords for the first time, it is generally advised to start with a search network campaign.

Display Network

Google Display Network, on the other hand, consists of YouTube, Gmail, Google Finance, and millions of other websites and apps which allow/show Google ads.

There are 5 targeting options in the display network which are keywords, audiences, demographics, topics and placements. Layered targeting is also allowed in the display network. You can set up your targeting based on your goals.

Usually, display network campaigns are used for brand awareness, reaching a mass audience, staying in front of your audience’s eyes, etc.

So you should define your business goals and see how Google Adwords can be leveraged to meet those goals.

Reason #2: Lead Generation

It is impossible to grow a B2B business without continuously generating leads which can be converted into customers down the lane.

Although there could be multiple strategies to generate leads in Adwords, I am going to discuss 2 widely used strategies for B2B businesses.

Run Search Campaigns

As mentioned in the 1st point, Google search network campaigns are effective in attracting relevant visitors and generating leads.

Search campaigns are especially useful when bottom-of-the-funnel (BOTF) and sales-ready leads are required in a short span of time, for example, a week or a month.

Right keywords, a conversion optimized landing page, and an intelligent bid optimization plan are at the core of running a profitable search campaign to continuously generates high quality leads.

Run Remarketing Campaigns

Once someone has visited your website, you can show your ads to that person using remarketing campaigns.

A remarketing campaign is a part of Google Display Network. To target users who have visited your website, audience lists are created in Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Remarketing campaigns support responsive ads (ads automatically created by Adwords based on the information we provide) as well as image uploads (creatives designed out of Adwords using PhotoShop or any other image editor).

Remarketing campaigns usually generate leads at comparatively lower costs than search campaigns.

Reason #3: Staying in Front of the Audience

You cannot grow your network sitting in your cubicle when it comes to offline networking.

Similarly, having a website is not enough to build and grow a business. People spend a lot of time online and it’s highly important to stay in front of your audience to get their attention and consideration.

Sure B2B businesses can create content and enticing offers to target their audience organically however it’s not easy to win at SEO and content marketing especially if a business is new and trying to spread the word out.

It usually needs some advertising push in the beginning to get things started.

Google Adwords offers a great entry point for businesses to start promoting their content and offers through the Display Network. There are multiple targeting options to choose from.

The cost per click also is usually low on the display network compared to the search network.

However, it’s important to choose the target audience very intelligently on the display network to avoid irrelevant traffic.

Reason #4: Explore New Opportunities and Profitable Markets

Once you start running campaigns on Adwords, you will be able to explore new opportunities and markets while analyzing the reports and data.

Some reports that will help you do so are:

Search Terms Report

Available in Adwords search campaigns, this report shows the exact queries on which your ad appeared. Many times you will come across terms which you might have missed to include in your keyword list.

If some terms are appearing many times and resulting in conversions, pick them, see if there is enough search volume and add them in your campaign.

Demographics Report

Go through the demographics reports to understand which age group, gender, and household income segments are performing better than the others.

It might be possible that a particular age group which you thought will not perform well is actually performing well. So you can adjust your ads, landing pages and bids to appeal even more to that age group.

Locations Report

Locations Report allows you to get a picture of which localities/cities/states/countries are more profitable than the others so you can bid more in those areas.

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